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Q: When does The Kitchen Guru Catering Co. need my final guest count? Can I adjust my count the day before the event?
A: Guaranteed guest counts are required three business days before your event. You may increase your counts up to two days prior to the event: however we cannot accept decreases in guest counts within three business days of your event.
Q: How can I be assured that my event will get the necessary attention it deserves if you have several parties on that same day?
A:The Kitchen Guru Catering Co. limits the number of special events that we will cater on any one day to preserve the high quality service we deliver to our clients. This unique policy ensures that your event receives the ultimate degree of quality and service necessary.
Q: Will you assist with the coordination of additional services I may need for my special event, like flowers, equipment rentals, décor, etc?
A: We believe a full service catering company should lend its full expertise, experience, and energy to the process of guiding a client through the millions of little decisions leading up to an event. That means we can take care of all the details, leaving you free to enjoying your event. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled service, starting with your initial contact and continuing until the departure of your very last guest.
Q: Why select The Kitchen Guru Catering Co. over another caterer?

A: We don't just provide food we provide a complete catering experience. The Kitchen Guru Catering Co. is a full-service specialty event catering company, serving businesses, organizations, military and individuals who seek expert consultation, best in class catered cuisine, and impeccable service. Compared to other catering and event managing companies, The Kitchen Guru delivers precision service, inventive solutions, and creative cuisine that assures clients peace of mind and guarantee the event will be memorable. We will exceed your expectations and take care of the details – so you can relax and take care of your guests.
Q: I have guests with special dietary needs. Can you accommodate them?
A: We are happy to suggest alternative menu selections for your guests with dietary concerns. Just let us know well in advance so we can plan something delectable!
Q: We talked about food for my event as well as linens, tables, etc. How do I know what my estimated event cost will be?
A:The Kitchen Guru Catering Co. will prepare a custom quote which details food, rentals, staffing and any other charges that would apply to your event.
Q: What level of food and service does The Kitchen Guru Catering Co. provide?
A: The Kitchen Guru can provide service for a variety of events such as; Drop off/Pick Up, Drop off with Setup, Limited Seating/Standup Cocktail Reception, Buffet Receptions, Attended Stations, Plated Dinners, or Large, Corporate or Fundraising Events.
Q: What does being a full-service, off-premise caterer mean?
A: As a full-service, off-premise caterer, we create seasonal customizable menus appropriate to our clients taste preferences, budget demands and theme consideration. Our "sample menus" are only an initial indication of our repertoire. Off premise catering is essentially building a restaurant in one day and tearing it down again. Linens, China, Flatware, Glassware, Lighting, and Décor, we offer a wide range of options to choose from to transform your site. The benefit to the client is a unique event experience, one that can be customized to their taste in foods, décor, and location.
Q: What is the process for planning an event?
A: After your initial contact with our office, you will be sent general catering information and sample menus appropriate for your type of event. The Catering Company will give you time to review the information, and then you will be sent a menu proposal and you can arrange for an appointment to meet or speak with you over the phone. The Catering Company will then guide you through the planning process, culminating in a custom proposal for your event.
Q: What beverage services do you provide?
A: Full bar services can be provided for parties small and large. We can recommend how much liquor to purchase for any given event, should the client chose to purchase their own alcohol. We carry a Caterers ABC Liquor License. The Kitchen Guru Catering Co. can store and transport client supplied alcohol in its vehicles and to the premises. 
Q: What can I expect to see in your proposal?
A: Our event proposals itemize cost estimates per person for food and beverage in addition to cost estimates for labor, rentals, linens, etc. Changes in the final guest count as calculated on our proposal may affect stated cost estimates.
Q: When do I need to reserve a date on your calendar?
A: As soon as you have a specific date in mind, contact us to reserve that date on our calendar. Some events are booked a year in advance! 
Q: I would like to have an event with a specific theme. Do you supply decorations and other items to suit the theme I have in mind?
A:The Kitchen Guru Catering Co. can coordinate all aspects of your party to suit a particular theme you have in mind. Our approach is all-inclusive. From a customized menu to style of food presentations, from table settings, (chair, linen, china, serving pieces, etc.) to site development (enclosures, props, walkways, lighting, plants, etc.) our design team can surpass your wildest dreams! From the smallest aspect of your vision to large-scale props and dramatic visual effects, we direct all of our efforts to your wishes in creating and staging a truly unforgettable event.